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RV Insurance

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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

A recreational vehicle is not your typical automobile, but you still need insurance coverage. Recreational vehicle insurance is specifically for recreational vehicles. Just like you would get car insurance for your daily vehicle, you also need insurance for your RV. This will protect you from losses that may result from an accident or other mishap, such as vandalism or theft.

RV insurance is basically your typical type of insurance that provides financial assistance following an accident or mishap. What is different is that you need to get a policy that is specifically for a recreational vehicle. Typical car insurance will not work in this situation. That is because your needs as an RV owner differ from those of someone with a car.

How it Works

RV insurance is similar to regular car insurance. When you file a claim, the insurance company provides financial assistance. There are several benefits you can get from this type of policy.

Vacation liability covers property damage and injuries that occur while you are using the RV on vacation. When you purchase comprehensive and collision coverage, vacation liability is automatically included.

Most of these polices also provide replacement costs for personal belongings that are lost, damaged or stolen out of the RV. And total loss replacement replaces your RV if it cannot be repaired.

The definition of recreational vehicle might vary based on the insurance company. For example, some insurers might consider a boat as a recreational vehicle while others might not. Speak with an insurance agent for more information on recreational vehicle insurance.

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