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Umbrella Policy

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What is An Umbrella Policy?

Many property owners are being held liable for injuries and property damage for which they are determined to be at fault or from accidents, such as slips and falls, that happen on their property. Having an Umbrella insurance policy will provide the protection of extra liability coverage where your current, home, auto, business, boat and motorcycle insurance often falls short. 

An umbrella policy is not a stand-alone policy. They take effect once a typical insurance policy has exhausted its limits in compensating for a claim.

How does it work?

Let’s say, a person sues for damages resulting from a car accident where the  bodily injury and/or the destruction property exceeds the policyholder’s normal $250,000 in existing liability protection, this coverage will kick in and cover the difference, up to the supplemental policy limits. 

For instance an individual wins a lawsuit that results in a $750,000  award. Obviously there is a $2500,000 difference. With a good umbrella policy, then you as the  policyholder who was held liable for the accident, you would then be protected from having to pay the additional $500,000 out-of-pocket.

Most Umbrella Policy’s will  provide, at a minimum, $1 million in protection for a relatively reasonable annual premium 

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