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Renters Insurance

Chaney Insurance Agency - Albuquerque New Mexico

Renters Insurance Is More Affordable Then You Think!

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What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters’ insurance coverage will provide protection you as a for tenant. It usually has liability coverage and protection for your personal property. 

The liability coverage can compensate for costs that are related to personal liability lawsuits filed against you should a visitor be injured inside your rental unit., or It can provide financial protection for other liability-related costs, like medical charges, lost wages and even more. 

It may also cover your personal property for the replacement of items lost due to, fires, flooding from a broken pipe or a myriad of other potential events that can occur on the rental property. 


The cost of renters’ insurance policy’s can vary. Based on the type of home being rented, the amount of coverage needed and any special components one might choose. 

Where someone lives may also have an impact too. Call us today to find out just how affordable renters insurance can truly be

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