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Motorcycle Insurance

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What Is Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a motorcycle, then you should have a motorcycle insurance policy. The risks you face as a motorcyclist differs from those of someone driving a car. Even with a helmet and other safety gear, you could be seriously hurt in an accident. It is also common for drivers to fail to see motorcyclists on the road, resulting in more accidents. This is why it is important to have the financial protection provided by insurance.

Property Damage and Personal Injury

A basic motorcycle insurance policy includes liability, which is for bodily injuries and property damage that you cause. The amount of liability coverage you need varies by state. It is your best bet to talk with an experienced insurance agent who understands local laws and regulations. You may also speak with someone at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Based on your policy, you might also have coverage for property damage.

Liability Coverage

Most states require liability coverage. If you are thinking you do not need insurance, then you are mistaken. Failing to have this coverage could land you in trouble with the law. This coverage will also help you with some of the legal fees if you find yourself in a lawsuit with someone following an accident. Without liability coverage, you could find yourself dealing with overwhelming legal fees with no help.

Insurance Options

You also might want to add underinsured/uninsured coverage. This gives you coverage if you are in an accident with another driver who has insufficient insurance. A better idea might be to get a comprehensive coverage policy. Comprehensive combines liability with several other insurance options. Motorcycle insurance is necessary for anyone who drives a motorcycle.

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